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Why Two Cents?

We Believe

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Businesses can experience transformative growth by becoming more customer-centric.

In order to do this, a business must deeply understand current and future customer/consumer behaviors, needs and perceptions. Any one of these is not enough to generate a complete picture of the customer opportunity. 

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Research teams have the power to fundamentally influence a business by championing current and future customers through rigorous research. Though, the strategic work after a study is critical.

As your insights partner, 
our role is to support you in obtaining your goals. 
This is about you, your business and your objectives.

We're Different

Our Experience

The Value for You

Over a decade of building research teams at Google, Pinterest, Twitter and Yahoo. 
Our focus is research to impact.

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We're familiar with the internal dynamics and challenges you're likely navigating and can provide solutions (and advisory if needed!) to make your job easier and maximize impact.

Breadth of research experience
working with different audiences, plus
niche knowledge within the B2B space.

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A partner you can trust and rely on.
We'll support you with research positioning, industry expertise, methods and more. 

Expertise in translating
data and insights into powerful narratives.

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We'll help you transform your data and insights into influential deliverables that drive business decisions and inspire action.



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Research Design & Delivery

We offer qualitative and quantitative research solutions that include marketing, product and sales objectives. We start by understanding your business objectives, then move into research design and execution.

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Insights Narrative Development

We help your team extract more value from existing data and/or research by coming in as a thought partner to bring the work to life in new ways. Deliverables are often published externally, used by Marketers, Sellers, PR teams and more.

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Generating Future Research Ideas

We conduct literature reviews and meta analyses with your data and secondary data, as needed, to help you identify what's next. As a researcher, this tees you up for the future while you focus on top priorities of today. 

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Fractional Research Leadership

We can help you temporarily fill research leadership gaps on your team, establish your research function and/or provide advisory on how to scale your team for more impact. We have decades of applied research experience at Google, Twitter, Pinterest, Yahoo and more.

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